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Welcome - you're most probably here in anticipation of your precious little one turning
6 months old. Since I remember the chaos of planning and preparing for my little one 
turning 6 and being overwhelmed with the amount of things advertised to be essential 
for a 6 month old, I considered it a good idea to share what I thought to be must-haves 
when my baby was around 6 months. Of course, you don't need to get the exact same 
brand but the list will give you an idea of what is most likely required for your baby. 

In no particular order:

1. Feeding Bibs

At 6 months, you may or may not have started weaning, which is the process of 
gradually introducing foods and fluids (other than milk) to a baby alongside 
breastmilk or formula. If you have started weaning or considering it, a feeding 
bib will be your lifesaver to prevent your baby from getting food and fluid on their 
upper body at least. I particularly found the bibs with a pouch attached in the front 
very efficient in catching any food or fluid spillage.

2. Portable Change Mat 

Very convenient for a quick diaper or clothing change, especially when you are out 
and about with your little one.
3. Burp Cloth Set

Need I say more? 

4. Sofie La Girafe Teether

I was uncertain of the hype surrounding this expensive little piece of rubber in the 
body of a toy giraffe until I got Waris one. It worked as a security toy and teether 
for him (not to mention he looked super cute holding it). Do maintain its cleanliness 
in the way suggested by the retailer as there have been cases of mold being discovered. 
I made sure not to submerge it completely in water and frequently wiped it down 
with a damp cloth to prevent the water entering and sitting in Sofie. 

It doesn't have to be Sophie but any teether to help your little one ease their discomfort 
and pain of teething.

 5. Washcloths

You need tons of them for various purposes such as to wipe any area of their body, 
as a temporary bib or burp cloth, etc.

6. Receiving Blankets

Contrary to what the name suggests, receiving blankets provide many uses than 
just a blanket. I used them for various purposes such as covering baby when sleeping, 
using as a change mat when I couldn't find the portable change mat, covering the 
baby car seat, etc.

7. Hooded Towel 

Ok, hooded towels will not only look adorable on your baby but will keep them covered, 
cozy and warm when taking them out of a bath.

8. Baby Feeding Dish Set

Manjot and I were very excited to purchase Waris's first feeding set. We went with 
the Avancy bowl, plate and spoons based on our research of the items being made of 
non-toxic and organic bamboo. We found the suction on these utensils was useful for 
the first few months of weaning and not so much when babies develop motor skills 
enough to pull any item off the table (suction or not).

9. Baby Blanket

Gotta keep the precious little one cozy and warm. 

10. Boon Cacti Brush Cleaning Set

I use my Boon Cacti brush cleaning set to this day except the set I have is in brown. It 
has all the essential cleaning brushes in an adorable case and looks quite stylish sitting 
in my kitchen window sill.

11. Floor Seat

Floor seats are like portable high chairs except in a compact form. I found the Bumbo 
very useful for feeding Waris and even used it at restaurants when Waris accompanied 
us. I was sure to limit his sitting time in the Bumbo as there have been recommendations 
against prolonged use of floor seats. Do your research before getting one for yourself.

12. Food Storage Containers

Whichever food container you choose, ensure it is leakproof and made of safe materials. 
I particularly loved using the Babymoov Glass Babybowls for carrying and storing 
Waris's food purees around the 6 month age.

13. Activity Cube

An Activity Cube is more of a want than a need but it served as a must-have for me, 
especially when Waris started sitting unaided. Again, it could be any brand but ensure 
it has a number of functions and activities to keep your little one entertained. Waris's 
Activity Cube kept him engaged and interested (and helped us catch a breath or two 
while he was occupied).

14. Finger Toothbrush

Though I didn't make use of Waris's finger toothbrush until he produced his first tooth 
after turning one (true story), I use this on a regular basis to date. I particularly love 
the Frida Baby SmileFrida Finger Toothbrush for its use of BPA-free silicone material 
and stand & lid for easy and sanitary storage keeping.

15. Sleepsack/Wearable Baby Blanket

At one point or another, you are likely to wake up at night to make sure there is nothing 
inhibiting your baby from breathing while sleeping (such as a piece of their clothing or 
blanket). A wearable blanket will help ease your mind that there are no loose pieces 
hindering your baby's ability to breath.

See you soon with another post! 

I hope you found the 15 Must-Haves for a 6 month old helpful in planning what you will 
likely require when your baby is around this age. I'll see you soon with a Must-Haves for 
a 1 year old post. Keep visiting until then!



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