Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wearing: Dress Muse Fashion House (similar) | Jewelry Miss Selfridge (similar) | 
Lace Ups Windsor Smith  (similar) | Bag Prada | Lips Nars Jungle Red + Nars Audrey

Dear friends, I hope you rung into the new year with a mind full of endless possibilities.
Believe me when I say I wish you a sparkling journey along the way and even
wore a sparkling dress to prove it. 
Presenting to you the quintessential little chic dress, scoring additional points for 
being drenched in black. I hope you can note my uber excitement of  having
discovered it from Muse Fashion House

Tip: choose a sequin dress with the right amount & size of sequins as these
characteristics almost nearly determine the quality of the piece. The reflection
of the shine is also important as an excess can be... well, hard on the eyes. Soooo,  
you can continue upholding your resolution of not giving a F about what
others think, but please, do not hurt their eyes while doing so. 

Signing off,

stay glittery

Photos: Manjot Grewal

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