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Welcome to She Modish - founded, styled, and authored by Maninder Sandhu, 
a Vancouverite who is located in the vicinity of London engaged in law school 
and modish behaviour, and, who also happens to love floor to ceiling 
windows and sequins, a pocket full of them.

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I ventured into blogging because of the sheer delight I get in sharing

styling tips with a wider audience while showcasing my own personal style.

More importantly, I want to influence the younger generation as well as the

contemporary women of today to develop their own unique style

because of the instilled confidence that comes along with it. Also,

because I am blessed with an amazing team who assist me in

achieving this very purpose. 

I hope my readers find valuable fashion advice via my blog. I want She

Modish to be more than just a series of pretty and prim pictures. I want

my readers to come to my blog and get inspired to explore their own

fashionable selves. 

I believe fashion inspiration is all around us; I get inspired everywhere

from the streets of Vancouver to the runways of Milan and London. An advantage

of living in this day and age is that we are able to gather fashion inspiration

from a multitude of sources.

There’s nothing in particular I stay away from and some trends do fit

seamlessly into my personal style but I am watchful about jumping from

trend to trend because I feel in doing so, one fails to invent their own

unique style. 

Vancouver’s streets are most definitely inundated with well dressed

individuals, beautiful architecture, and aesthetically pleasing art which all play

a role in influencing my style. However, as I mentioned earlier, the beauty

of today’s technology allows me to access styles and trends from the farthest

corners of the globe and I absolutely love integrating some international flare

into my wardrobe. 

I probably indulge in virtual shopping more than visiting a physical retail store.

But, locally, I mostly shop at Hudson’s Bay, Topshop, and Zara.

And, when I’m in the mood to splurge, I head over to Holt Renfrew. As for

my favourite online stores, you would find Neiman Marcus, Farfetch, and Off

Fifth as the top bookmarked sites on my laptop 

Blogging started as a fun hobby and has now led me to a

number of great opportunities. I was recently selected as a featured fashion

blogger for Click Lounge, a new talk show focused on local lifestyle, health, and

fashion topics. Another one of my favourite perks of being titled a fashion

blogger would be being able to work with local designers, namely Hannah

Dorothy and to meet likeminded individuals. Aside from blogging, I am

also pursuing a law degree. 

Currently in my life, there is no such thing as a typical day as each day

presents new opportunities, challenges, and exciting ventures. But there

is always one certainty and that is indulging in my favourite cup of morning tea.

stay stylish | stay humble,



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