Thursday, Apr 21, 2016

Sporty Chic

I may be speaking on your behalf as I express my penchant for a comfortable style. 
But there are obviously exceptions. One exception being the torturous 
high heel after math. Eeeeeek.

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But today, we are not reminiscing the painful wardrobe accidents we have had. Today we discuss a style with ease and comfort at its forefront. 

Start off with jeans or jeggings with runners that are minimalist yet edgy.  Try to avoid leggings unless you're going for a complete going-to-the-gym feel. Add in a classic watch to instantly elevate the whole look. This larsson & jennings in silver is my favourite. 

Because the principal pieces (jeans and runners) are muted, you can 
experiment with the top - add in a solid black or white one or something with a  sporty logo and perhaps a bit of colour. And, of course, let's not forget the highlight and the brows. That's probably already a regular. 

Effortless, versatile, relaxed are a few words to describe how you will feel.

Thank you for visiting! Pleasure having you here.

stay easy | stay peezy 



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