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Friday, 7 October 2016


Friday | October 7, 2016

Happy October, fellow modishtas. As usual, school is keeping me busy.. 
like seriously busy. I should really consider getting into the habit of calling it university 
before I convince more people about my made up high-school age (busted). 

Here I am sharing another outfit my bae helped me shoot. Thanks bae.

This year has sure flown by. I remember last year around this time;
 I had flown to the UK to resume the last year of law school. 
And, this October I am still in law school pursuing masters of law.. sigh. 
Student tantrums aside, I consider myself tremendously fortunate 
to have been able to follow the path of my dreams. Law school was on top
of my list and to see my aspirations take shape is priceless and personally fulfilling. 
Ok, not sure about priceless though. Cha-cha-cha-ching.

So, my modishtas, go take on your dreams. Learn something new. 
Educate yourself. Nothing is too small and nothing is too big.

Thank you for reading. Excited to have you again.

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Photos: Manjot Grewal


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