A Yummy Indian Appetizer Recipe

Tue | Feb 7, 2017

Makes: approx. 8 tikkis
Serves: If you end up making them good, doubt there will be any left to be served.
If you're being generous, can serve approx. 4-5 people. :D


- 1/2 of a medium sized onion
- 4 potatoes
- Salt (1 tbsp. or as desired)
- Chaat Masala (1 tbsp. or as desired)
- Red chilli powder 1 tbsp. or as desired)
- Cumin (half a tablespoon)
- Chaat Masala (1 tbsp. or as desired)
- Lemon (1/2 tbsp. or as desired)


1. Mix
Start by mashing the potatoes in a big bowl. Slice onions into small
pieces and add to the bowl along with salt, cumin, red chilli powder,
chat masala and lemon. Mix it well.

2. Assembly
Add a bit of oil in a small bowl. Lightly dip the tips of your fingers into
the oil and spread into the palms of your hands. Grab a chunk out of the
tikki mix and start forming a round shape in your palms. Gently press down
the round shape to make it thinner, thus easier to cook.

3. Stove Time 

Heat up a non-stick pan on medium heat and spread a bit of oil. Let
the oil sit for about 30 secs and add your prepared tikkis in the pan.
Let one side cook for about 3-4 mins (or until it turns dark brown) before
turning it over to the other side. Cook the other side well.

4: Serving

Optional: Garnish with thinly sliced onions, tomatoes and grated reddish. Yogurt
and chutney (sweet-sour sauce with tamarind as it's main ingredient) are a must.


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