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Saturday, 30 September 2017


I hope to make this an especially helpful review for brides/clients living 
in countries other than India. The reason is the luxury that the clients living 
in India have, which the foreign clients don't necessarily have - a physical 
Monisha Jaising boutique, face-to-face consultations, and fitting/alteration 
services. If you're a foreign client, I bet an element of


hesitation to order gowns online was the risk of improper fitting, delivery costs, 
and poor workmanship; at least those were my reasons to contemplate ordering
a couture gown online. But, all of these hesitations were put to rest during my first 
conversation with a Monisha Jaising store manager, Saniya Ali.

I immediately connected with Saniya and if you ever get a chance to experience 
her politeness, I'm certain you would too. She first explored my likings and then 
suggested a few pictures from the website. Once I had selected the gown, we talked 
in great lengths about the colour options. What I found especially pleasing was the
 involvement of Ms. Jaising herself in this entire process. She had valuable advise 
to offer about what color I should choose, the type of embroidery I should opt for 
and the fit. Before finalizing the purchase, Saniya offered to video call with me to 
show me a live sample in addition to sending a few professional sketches of the 
gown. I was highly impressed with their involvement and finalized the order. 

What followed after a day or two was a contract addressing the delivery date 
and some common terms and conditions along with my measurement request. 
Considering I've had some misfortunes with other designers going back on the 
delivery date, I found the delivery date in writing especially convenient. Saniya 
was quick to return my calls and kept me upto date with the progress of the gown. 
I was worried about every other wedding outfit order except Monisha Jaising 
because their customer service made me feel well taken care of. It was one less 
thing for me to be worried about; one less outfit to go mad over. 

And, finally, my gown was delivered to me by the promised date and boy, 
was it exquisite! Everything about it was luxurious and the measurements 
were on point. It was a happy ending and I loved every moment of it.

I'm thrilled to be sharing more of my wedding on my blog, so please stay tuned.



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