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18 February 2019


Top and Skirt: Zara (similar top; similar skirt)
Thigh High Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Louis Vuitton

In my previous post, I explained how my legal articles were keeping me occupied for
the entirety of last year, affecting my ability to blog as frequently. Well, it is with immense
pleasure I am finally able to announce that I have officially and successfully completed
my articles as of end of January 2019. As you can probably imagine, Manjot and I were
ready to disappear the very next day for a much needed and a relaxing weekend away.

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The Ultimate Destination to Relax and Unwind 

We are so incredibly glad that we chose the gorgeous Sparkling Hill, a luxury Resort
and Spa located in Vernon, BC for our 3 days and 2 nights getaway. Our decision
to visit Sparkling Hill may have been slightly influenced by our desire to witness a
snowy scenery, especially because Christmas in the Lower Mainland felt a bit
incomplete without any trace of snow. But this wasn't all. Upon researching and reading
several reviews, our verdict was that majority of the people had positive comments about
the resort and how it truly is a world-class health and wellness retreat. This was sufficient 
to get us excited about booking and to experience the services the resort had to offer.

The Sparkling Hill Resort 

Our drive upto Vernon was magical and in the 4.5 hours, we were in constant awe 
of the beautiful mountains, lush greenery, and trees laced with snow. As we pulled upto 
the resort, we couldn't help but notice its beautiful facade, especially the humongous 
polygon shaped glass, embellished with an interesting steel structure. We then entered 
the resort and were welcomed by the smiling staff who were ready and equipped to 
assist with our luggage. Above us were three extravagant chandeliers, one on each of the 
three floors, which all appeared to have been crafted purely with Swarovski crystals. 
The beautiful and open concept sitting area caught our attention as it introduced us to
 the beautiful views the resort had to offer throughout our visit.

The Luxurious Guest Room 

As we entered our room, we witnessed unobstructed views of the Okanagan Lake and
stunning mountains through an expansive floor to ceiling window wall. I immediately fell
in love with the placement of the tub in our room, which was directly adjacent to a wall
made of crystal clear windows.

And, our spa attires - two cozy robes and two sets of slippers - were creatively packaged and
placed on our bed for our quick access. As it is primarily a spa resort, we pretty much
lived in our robes throughout the trip and did not have to be embarrassed about it. We even
wore our robes to breakfast each morning and, let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing
better than having breakfast in a robe (although Manjot begs to differ and thinks having
breakfast naked is even better, but that is a debate for another day). 

The level of relaxation while soaking up in a tub full of warm water while 
witnessing the breathtaking natural landscape, visible through our crystal clear 
windows, was surreal.

The stunning shower was enclosed between two clear glass doors that were 
absent from any hindrances to the beautiful scenery.

Our room was where we observed the sun-kissed glow over the scenery each morning and
a romantic and a starry sky each night. 

It was almost difficult to leave our room as that would mean departing from the
panoramic views, but we were very excited to check out the facilities provided  by the
sought-after KurSpa. 

KurSpa - Health and Body Wellness 

Where do I even begin with the Spa. What I absolutely love about the Resort is that they
may charge a few hundred dollars for a room per night but the price in inclusive of many
incredible perks, such as valet parking, daily hot European-Style buffet breakfast, and,
my absolute favourite, access to the KurSpa and its 7 uniquely themed Steam Rooms and
Saunas, an indoor pool, outdoor infinity pool, hot pool, and Kneipp Hydrotherapy. 

We followed a pleasurable routine for the three days that we were there: Saunas and steam
rooms once in the morning and once in the evening followed by Kneipp Hydrotherapy,
outdoor infinity pool and hot pool, in that order. This was both Manjot's and my absolute
favourite part of the entire trip. It was an incredibly detoxifying trip where we experienced
ultimate relaxation. 

Peakfine Restaurant 

We woke up early in the morning to begin our day at the Peakfine Restaurant with freshly
brewed coffee and a hot buffet breakfast. While there weren't many vegetarian breakfast
options, we were content with our toast, coffee, fruits and hot potatoes. Mmmm. Vegetarian
dining options were also limited at the Restaurant, but we were happy to discover a separate
vegan menu. 

Overall, an excellent and a luxurious stay, worth every penny! Check them out - they
won’t disappoint you! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading about
my experience. Be sure to share your experience with me and list any names of spa
 resorts that you absolutely love visiting.

stay happy | stay relaxed 

With Love,

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