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Friday, 17 July 2020


 Dress: The Jetset Diaries (similar here)
Heels: Alexander Wang (similar here)

Most of us are facing uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic: the fear of
contracting the virus, the anxiety surrounding the health and well-being of our loved
ones, the importance of staying mentally healthy amid the lockdown and the list goes
on. On the flip side, the pandemic has presented opportunities that were a luxury in a
fast-paced life: plenty of time to spend with your partner or family or whoever you live
with, developing a hobby or exploring new interests that you didn't have the time to explore, 
focusing on your fitness and mental well-being, etc. The pandemic, like almost everything else 
in life, has both advantages and disadvantages but it's up to us how we decide to interpret it. 

You may (or may not) wonder about the significance of the picture in this blog post. I 
will elaborate anyway. The picture was taken during our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta
outside our hotel suite. It has two elements I love and value - my husband and being among
the god-built landscape including the larger than life mountains and the lush green forest. 
Now, let me tell you a little story about what COVID-19 has taught me and how, with the
lesson, I reconnected with nature and my dear Manjot. 
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