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Tuesday, 28 September 2021


 (ft. Baby Waris)

A month of baby Waris and a month of new founded joy, gratitude and blessings. Prior to 
experiencing active labour, I often wondered whether I would cry when our baby would be 
placed in my arms. I usually led myself to believe that I wouldn't - that, instead, I would be 
too filled with contentment to even realize to cry. But, I forgot about the tears of joy. The 
moment baby Waris's warm skin made contact with my bare skin, tears automatically started 
flowing from my eyes. I remember that the first few tears were undoubtedly dedicated to the 
labour finally being over. With this thought, I looked over at Manjot & could tell that he too 
was thankful to see an end to my agony. Without an exchange of any words, I could tell that he
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