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Mother's Day this year was extra special - thanks to Waris and his beautiful Dada. I had so 
much fun capturing some photos of Waris with the help of my lovely sister-in-law who kept 
him busy, smiling and distracted. It was quite a task - a very cute one (I must add). Sharing
 some of my favourite photos with you. We are so in love with his beautiful soul. God bless!

Some may view Mother's Day as a commercialized holiday and I may agree with this to 
some extent. However, when I look at the excitement associated with Mother's Day on my 
mom and mom-in-law's face, it's easy putting a pin in my viewpoint. It's true that a Mother
should be honoured and celebrated every day, but in reality, how often do we make them
feel special? It's probably only a handful of times in a year if we include their birthday and
wedding anniversary (an occasion that is not completely their own as they share it with 
their spouse). Thus, having a dedicated day for Mothers once a year a day is a beautiful 
thing. Well, with that thought, I wanted to jump on here & express that whether you're a 
Mother or not, I hope you had a lovely day celebrating your mom, yourself or any motherly 
figure in your life. Thank you for visiting and I'll be back with another post next month.


Maninder Sandhu Grewal

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