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 (ft. Fairmont Chateau Whistler)

family friendly accommodation in whistler bc Canada

Our 2 nights & 3 day getaway to Whistler will remain an unforgettable trip for years to 
come for two reasons: Waris accompanied us to a hotel for the first time and we could 
not have chosen a better hotel to stay with Waris than the incredible Fairmont Chateau 
Whistler. While we were at Fairmont Whistler, I was thrilled to capture as many fun parts
 of the trip as I could to share with my readers, especially families with children, to help 
them decide on their next getaway at a luxurious as well as a children-friendly hotel. 

We were inundated with reasons to celebrate - my birthday, Manjot had just commenced 
his paternity leave for the month of August and had uninterrupted time to spend with us, 
our anniversary was around the corner and, most importantly, we needed to just chill and 
unwind with each other. Manjot and I had been wanting to check out Fairmont Chateau 
Whistler for a while. So we thought the hotel would be the perfect host for our celebration.
 We booked it within minutes, packed our bags and looked forward to a great time.


If you're fond of mountains, nature, modern alpine setting, or luxury accomodation, then 
you're going to absolutely cherish spending a night or two at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler
Following a scenic drive from Vancouver to Whistler, we arrived at the hotel late afternoon.
 We were greeted by the hotel's friendly valet staff who noticed we had a baby on board and
were ready and equipped to help us right away with our luggage. Following the brick-clad 
facade of the hotel, we made our way to the lobby & were welcomed by a grand foyer table 
adorned with tall vases filled with fresh flowers. The hotel's architecture combined with its 
grandiose decor elicited some serious old world charm. Despite the mid-century and royal 
vibes, the hotel fit right into the modern world - perhaps due to hints of modernism in the 
hotel's interior. Whatever it was, it was a treat for our eyes. 

whistler bc


We made our way to the front desk and were advised of being placed in a Gold floor room 
with preferred views which definitely was pleasant news. With a child-like excitement, we 
entered our room and found a selection of fruits waiting for us alongside a personalized note. 
The amenities included deluxe toiletries, luxurious bedding and pillows, cozy slippers and 
 thick cotton bathrobes with hotel's initial embroided in gold. The best of them all was a baby 
robe for Waris. A tiny damn robe. Can you believe it? See the pictures below and you will 
also be in awe. Another amenity we enjoyed was the coffee maker to brew a hot cup of coffee
 at the end of each day of our stay.

Although Manjot and I (or Waris) are not skiers, we were surprised to step out of the lobby 
backdoor & find ourselves near the gondola, which was only a few steps from the hotel. We 
did enjoy an evening walk around that area with a forest and colourful, blooming plants and 
flowers in sight. Waris had been practicing walking from a few weeks and thoroughly enjoyed
 the open concept lobby to stroll around and explore. The grand sofas and chairs spread out
 throughout the lobby assisted us to sit and catch a breath from running behind him.
whistler bc accommodation fairmont whistler
luxury hotel fairmont whistler
whistler hotel
luxury hotel in bc


 There are a number of restaurants on the property, but two are in full display due to sharing 
their main doors with the hotel lobby -- the Mallard Lounge and the Wildflower. These 
are also the ones we checked out. You can check out the other on-property restaurats here


The Mallard Lounge reminded me of being in a pub in the UK as it shared similar interior and 
furniture layout. We loved Mallard's vibe at night - lively atmosphere, live music and people 
enjoying their food & each other's company. There weren't, however, many vegetarian options,
but as always, Manjot and I made it work. Manjot and I went there for a late night snack and 
ended up ordering nachos and pasta. Waris accompanied us asleep in his stroller bassinet. 

mallard lounge whistler bc


Both of us love a good breakfast when we are on vacation. We're so glad we got to check 
out the beautiful Wildflower because it did not disappoint. While we had to resort to yogurt, 
baked potatoes, toast, beans, fruits and a handful of other items from the buffet, we absolutely 
enjoyed ordering a few vegetarian items from the menu - the Vegan Breakfast Skillet, the 
Avocado Toast without the eggs and their creatively crafted coffees. The interior is rustic and
 upscale combined. The mixture of both muted and darker, rich color pallette in the restaurant's 
carpet, drapery and furnishings contribute to the restaurant's luxurious and quaint image. 
Overall, we enjoyed everything the Wildflower had to offer. Check out the pictures below. 

whistler restaurant
whistler cafe fairmont wildflower
wildflower whistler fairmont
restaurant whistler

And, now are you ready to see the cutest amenity that Fairmont offers? A baby robe. A freaking baby 
robe. I just can't. Check it out for yourself:

amenities offered by Fairmont hotel a baby robe

Overall, we had an incredible experience and would definitely visit again! Hope you found this review 
helpful in planning your next getaway.

Stay Happy,

Maninder Sandhu Grewal

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