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Heels: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Prada
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The excitement of a spontaneous road trip is something else: imagine getting up 
and yelling, “Road Trip!” and then hopping in a car with your partner and friends 
to explore an unknown part of an area. Fun! Unfortunately, getting on the road and 
having a fun, comfortable and stress-free road trip isn’t as easy as yelling “shotgun,” 
and stopping to grab some worthy snacks on the way. It takes a bit more than that.

To get the most out of your either spontaneous trip or well-planned adventure, it's
usually a good call for brainstorming some easy tips to ensure your drive results 
in an enjoyable experience for you and everyone else in the car. Below are such 
helpful tips which have guided our previous road trips and many more to come:


Keeping your car clean before and during your trip is the key. If you clean up 
before your trip, cleaning during your trip will be even easier because you’ll be 
able to visualize the mess and get rid of it. Keep two bags in your car: one for
collecting all the trash such as food wrappings and other knick-knacks and the 
other for collecting recyclable products. Be sure to properly dispose of the 
contents of both bags every time you stop for fuel, food or a nice stretch.


Sudden vehicle defects are bound to create a hindrance to the road trip fun. To 
avoid such a nuisance, ensure you have your car inspected by a mechanic for 
assessing its fluid levels, brakes, tires, wiper blades, and any other areas you 
think could cause potential problems for the duration of the road trip. Check
to see that your spare tire is inflated and your jack and jumper cable is intact 
and working. Taking extra wiper fluid for wet roads is also a great plan.


Though it goes without saying, have all your documents such as your driver’s 
license, insurance and registration handy. Also, sign up for auto insurance before 
you hit the road just in case you hit any snags. As well, before hitting the road, 
divide up the responsibilities between pals for navigating, planning and driving.


Having a plan, even a rough one, is prudent because you never know when the 
road you are taking suddenly reads “Road Closed Ahead” or you are met with 
stand-still traffic. But, this doesn't necessarily mean you should overschedule as
doing so may result in pressure especially if something doesn’t go according to 
your plan and you may find yourself driving dangerously to get to your desired 
destination because of losing a few hours due to unforeseen circumstances.

Thus, have an idea of whether you will be driving through the night or whether 
you would need to book accommodation to rest up, especially if your planned 
destination is at a considerable distance. A loose plan of hotels, restaurants,
refreshments and rest stops along the way will prove helpful.


Research into whether your preferred activities - shopping, eating, visiting 
touristy places, etc. - could be explored on the way. Look into whether you have
the time to visit an endless strip mall or small towns worth visiting. For instance,
as we love visiting historical towns, one of the places on our list to visit is the
Greenfield Village in Michigan. An interesting way to search for activities to do
is to search neighbourhoods with real estate sites to get a sense of the surrounding
places. For example, if you were to visit Detroit, try searching neighbourhoods on
real estate sites such as Detroit houses for sale to explore the types of activities 
along your route or the type of places you can stop for a bite that isn't just fast food.


A great road trip will become a memory for life, so make sure you are ready for 
the thrill of living on the road and enjoying the ride every mile of the way.

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