Tuesday, 31 October 2017

A Modish Wedding

(ft. Astha Narang)
Tue | October 31, 2017

Every moment was magical; every little detail was whimsical. Such was
my wedding. The days flew by and yet I remember everything surrounding it.
To be honest, I had very little planning about the type, color, style I wanted
my wedding outfit to be. Well, I am talking about the planning most of us girls
begin doing about 'the wedding outfit' the moment we hit 18. That year is
probably 25 now though. Nonetheless, I do have to thank God for giving
me the heads up to decide the outfit a few months before the
wedding, if not years.

And, it had to be this subtle, elegant, beautiful Astha Narang Lehnga I
wore. The color was primarily what attracted me to the dress, not to mention
the minimalistic yet ornate embroidery that was just sufficient to
set my outfit apart from those of my guests.

I can't wait to share more pictures with you lovely people.
Thank you for reading.

Stay colorful,



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