Sunday | September 30, 2018

I am certain you would agree how incredibly exciting it is to accomplish 
and celebrate personal and professional milestones. Last month, I had
the opportunity to celebrate both: our wedding anniversary and to work with 
the Cromwell Las Vegas. Undoubtedly, it was a weekend full of little work
and abundant indulgence. Manjot and I engaged ourselves in many activities
such as attending the most magnificent Cirque Du Soleil show at the MGM
Grand and witnessing the Las Vegas Strip 550 feet above the ground through


August 25, 2018

Generally speaking, I love portraying certain moods and storytelling through
my outfit posts. It's a rejuvenating theme that I enjoy following.
Given that we only managed to get a couple of good photos, I would


(ft. Hotel Mousai)
Sunday | April 1, 2018

Amongst other things, I measure my satisfaction with a getaway based 
on the amount of hotel staff names I've memorized by end of a trip. It's 
kind of a natural calculation: we tend to memorize names of people 
who sincerely succeed in making a positive impact on your experience. 
I, along with Manjot, were amazed at the number of hotel staff friends 
we made during our honeymoon at Hotel Mousai

And I thought, what better way to remember our blissful 7-night 
getaway again than to pen it down and share it with my lovely readers.


Sunday | March 25, 2018

 Rooftop Relaxing
Topshop Dress (similar here)
Steve Madden Shoes (same in Olive)
Rayban Sunnies 
Tiffanys Bracelet (similar here)
Louis Vuitton Bag

Panoramic views of clear blue water and lush green mountains from the 
18th floor was what kept bringing us back to Hotel Mousai's rooftop. 
This trip was everything we wished our honeymoon to be: relaxing, 
romantic, luxurious, and serene. In this post, I share with you all an easy 
summer day outfit against a backdrop of breathtaking views overlooking 
Banderas Bay.

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