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Friday, 21 June 2019


After 4 incredible days at the Naka Island, we were ready to explore the city life in
Phuket. Delightfully, we packed our bags and left for our next destination, Patong.
We were most excited to check out the famous Patong beach and the Bangla Road.
As we wanted our accommodation to be at a walking distance from those landmarks,
we decided to stay at Amari Phuket, a 5-star Beachfront Resort.

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As expected, the streets of Phuket were lit at night and filled with locals and tourists
making their way from one destination to the next. The Patong beach, especially
in the evening, was a sight that one would want to keep in their minds for eternity.
The colourful sky dyed its reflection onto the neverending ocean while the soft sand
was inviting to the barefoot. After a walk along the beach for about 15 minutes started
the echoes of music and people trying to sell things, which we discovered was the
notorious Bangla Road. Bangla Road was a festival in itself where a walkway of
bars and clubs on both sides of the road was enhanced with bright lights and music.
Once we took it all in, we headed to our resort, which was the calm after the chaos.

The Breeze Spa Experience

Manjot and I had read amazing reviews about the Breeze Spa. They weren't just about
how amazing the masseurs were or how gorgeous the location of the spa was. Undoubtedly,
the masseurs and the beauty of the spa were exceptional, but what we were most excited
about was to lay in an open-air balcony standing atop a tropical hillside and to get lost in the
sounds of the ocean waves, the swaying trees and everything else nature had to offer.
We were eager to secure a spot and booked an appointment for the third day at the resort.

It was finally Spa day and we got ready to make our way to the spa. Upon arrival, we
were treated with a refreshing tea and were then accompanied by Ms. Aoy to an oasis.
We ventured through the lush forest and walked upon the steps of a wooden staircase
which connected the reception to the open-air massage area. Where the staircase ended,
our eyes began to see the most beautiful spa setting we had ever experienced. The
pictures speak for themselves:

The treatment we signed up for was a 2.5 hour The Maldives Oceana Touch Package.
It started with a quick foot massage followed by an hour-long body scrub that added
a cooling effect from head to toe. Following a quick shower to get the scrub off of our
bodies, we got ready for the ultimate relaxation - a massage combining Ayurvedic and
Thai techniques that left our bodies feeling light as a feather and our minds filled with
peace and serenity. Throughout our treatment, the sound of the ocean waves helped shut
off our minds and the breeze assisted in submitting ourselves to a relaxing sleep. We
finished off with a warm tea with biscuits and the prettiest flowers. A huge thanks to
Ms. Aoy, the lovely manager, and Ms. Wichuda and Ms. Nang (our masseurs) for an
experience that we will always remember and cherish.


Our room was a few steps away from the Clubhouse, a space that was exclusive to
the Ocean-Wing guests. Both Manjot and I felt the exclusivity enhanced the privacy and
enjoyment of the guests which is what we believe was the intention behind the Clubhouse.
With 270-degree views of the Patong Bay and five-star service, the Clubhouse was our
home for breakfast each morning and complimentary tea, coffee and light snacks each
evening. Each dish served was presented in an appealing way and the taste left us beyond
satisfied. See for yourself below and you may be able to guess the taste from the look of it:

As much as we enjoyed the catered service at the Clubhouse, we equally enjoyed the
restaurants open to all guests, Rim Talay. We stopped here for coffee one afternoon and
watched the waves become one with the shore of Patong beach. Allow me to show you:

La Gritta Experience

Dressed in formal attires, Manjot and I made our way to one of the trendiest 

restaurants in the vicinity, La Gritta. The servers were laid back yet paid attention 
to all of our needs and gestures. We requested to be placed adjacent to the 
best view of the Patong Bay and got exactly that. 

Although it was raining, the raindrops adorned the tall floor-to-ceiling windows 
and created an even more of a romantic ambience. With panoramic views of the city, 
we enjoyed every bite of the food placed before us. Sharing a few pictures of the 
gorgeous view and yummy bites with you:

The Bedroom Suite

The suite was a spacious One Bedroom Club Ocean View with Balcony. This was
our first time booking a room with club access and the extra features and spectacular
service left us speechless. Our room was located atop a hill that would have been a
15-minute walk and a killer cardio workout. Fortunately, the hotel provided a trolley
service and we made it to our room in what seemed like a fun upward ride. After
our bumping into each other at the back of the trolley and our endless giggling, we
were dropped off at our doorstep. Like we always do, Manjot and I dropped our bags
 in the door to see what the suite had to offer. We were quite smitten by our house for
the next 4 days. Let me show you:

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. A unique aspect we loved about the hotel
was the daily delivery of snacks and munchies at midday. It consisted of banana chips,
chocolates and other local candies, all packaged beautifully in a wooden box. The attention
and the loving service of the staff made our 3 nights an unforgettable experience at the Amari!

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