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Friday, 12 July 2019


(ft. Sadara Boutique Beach Resort,  Bali, Indonesia)

 Dress: Asos (similar here)
Sunnies: Le Specs (similar here)
Earrings: h&m (similar here)

Following 3 spectacular nights at The Naka Island (read here) and another 3 at the
Amari Phuket, (read here) we landed in the beautiful Bali with unimaginable excitement
 and anticipation for what this green city had to offer. After a four-hour flight from Phuket,
we hopped into a taxi to our resort and although it was fairly dark, the city was lit up with
bright lights, tourists and locals in almost every corner. It was bright enough for us to take
in the lush greenery and green landscapes that Bali is famous for.

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At the end of a 20-minute taxi ride and a fun conversation with our driver, we arrived at
our home for the next 2 nights, Sadara Boutique Beach Resort in Tanjung Benoa. As we
arrived here quite late, around 10:00 p.m., the resort entrance was quiet, but the security
guards were attentive and ensured we were indeed guests of the hotel. After being satisfied,
they alerted the hotel staff to complete the check-in process, which was fuss-free and fast.

Sadara Beachfront Suite

As we were making our way to the room, we started hearing echoes of live music and
cheers of some audience. We got closer and saw a beautiful stage set up with live music
right by the pool. The lighting was dim and romantic and the audience were lively
and cheerful. We just looked at each other and knew this is where we were going
to spend the remainder of our night before hopping into the bed and snoozing away.

We finally reached the doorstep of our suite and got ready for its unveiling. We stepped
in and walked straight to the outdoor jacuzzi and the beach that were only a few steps
away from the bed. It was all stunning. We quickly explored the rest of the room, tucked
away our luggage and went for a fun dip in the pool along with many other guests.

Finally, we convinced each other to head to bed as the next day was going to be packed
with activities that we were looking forward to our entire trip: the magnificent Royal
High Tea and Romantic Dinner by the Sea. Quickly, we planned our outfits for the next
day, completed a nightly skin routine and hopped into our bed to wake up rejuvenated for
a whimsical day ahead. Before I show you pics of the activities, check out our lovely room:


7 A.M.: It was 7 a.m. and we were up and energized. After laying around for an hour,
we knew we were ready for breakfast - well, our tummies were - and we tried to look
presentable: Manjot threw on his favourite shorts and a beater and I threw on a hat,
sunnies, and left my PJ top and shorts because that is how breakfast is best enjoyed.

Although there were two restaurants at the resort, we naturally leaned towards the
beautiful and the chic Santai Beach House. It must have been its location overlooking
the Tanjung Benoa beach and its chilled out vibe. Since we booked the room with
breakfast included, we were free to enjoy coffee, juice, appetizers and one main dish
each. So, we indulged in exactly that. A variety of vegetarian options were available
at the restaurant and we definitely redeemed the full value of the money spent.

The food presentation was beautiful and the taste, even more delicious. I am actually
craving the taste as I write this and as I am shuffling through the food pics. See below:

Royal High Tea

2:00 P.M.: Breakfast was oh-so-satisfying and lounging by the beach was, as you can
imagine, serene. It was finally 2 p.m. and we rushed to our room to get ready for an
evening full of royalness. We made our way to the Santai Beach House to find a table
full of royal china tea set, a variety of delectable appys and nibbles. We couldn't keep
 our hands off of the large wooden tray, which we completely emptied sooner than
we should have. Oops! Check out the beautiful setting and yummy snacks:

Romantic Dinner by the Sea

7 P.M.: Oh my god! What a magical experience it was to be hosted directly adjacent to
the blue sea and on top of the sandy beach, all in our private set up with stunning decorations,
romantic lighting, fresh flowers and lit-up candles. With such a gorgeous setting and the
blissful company of Manjot, it was, in fact, the most Romantic Dinner by the Sea. Manjot
and I were in awe of the ambience, created perfectly with live romantic music, candle lights,
cool breeze and the calm sound of the beach waves. The food consisted of a vegetarian
4-course set menu with semi-butler service. There were love and light all around us.

This is an experience Manjot and I will cherish forever and that is now documented
 for us to revisit anytime we wish. Sharing a few delightful pictures with you all:

Overall, 2 nights spent beautifully and magically with great service, food, and adventures
we will forever cherish.

Thank you all for reading! Come again soon to check out our experience at two other
places in Bali.


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