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Saturday, 29 February 2020


If you are one of those who have developed a skincare regime from a young age, 
you deserve a pat on your back. Then, there are some of us for whom it isn't until 
noticing an unrelenting wrinkle that we start thinking about initiating a routine.
Determining when to commence incorporating products and ingredients that 
work to delay ageing or even products that keep your skin looking healthy 
and glowing isn't always an easy task. Discussing your skincare needs and 
patterns with a dermatologist is usually a good starting point. 

While I am no expert in the needs of the skin, I can certainly speak from 
experience and recommend this potent tool, The Beauty Roller by Madonna

It is essentially a facial and body contouring tool with ultra-infrared energy to
assist with firming and refining facial areas such as the jawline and cheekbones.
You can even use the roller on any other part of the body you wish to improve 
the look of, such as your thighs, abs, arms, hips and glutes. My extent of the use 
of the Beauty Roller was limited to my jawline and cheekbones.

I have to admit when I first got this product, it was the excitement of its
newness and hope for results that encouraged its use on a daily basis. In fact,
I did notice the contours on my face becoming more noticeable with consistent
use.  Now, after having the product for a few months, its use depends on whether I 
have a few extra minutes to spare during my beauty routine. But, let me tell
you, every time I do find the time to use it, my skin has felt pampered and supple.

Hope you found something useful in this post and thank you for reading. 
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