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Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Experimenting with and documenting my observations about skincare has become one of
my favourite subjects to blog about. If you haven't already, check out my previous post 
here about a potent tool created by MDNA skincare to sculpt and contour areas of our
face and body including jaw, cheekbones, thighs and arms. Today, I want to briefly
discuss one of the most important steps of my skincare routine,  moisturizing.

The routine was ingrained in me by my mother dear from quite a young age. From as
far as I can remember, no day would be complete without my mom slathering my
face with baby moisturizer. My skin is now so accustomed to having hydration in it
that moisturizing has now become a daily habit regardless of what day of the week
it is. So, a big thank you mama!

Life was obviously much simpler during the baby-moisturizer days. Now, we must
not only find, test, and measure the efficacy of a product but also be on the lookout for
potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, polyethylene glycol and god knows
what. Anytime, then, I come across a product without these ingredients, I can focus
mainly on researching what other users have to say about its effectiveness. Such was
my rendevous with Charlotte's Magic Cream. The moisturizer has over a 4-star rating
on many influential cosmetic-reviewing websites such as Allure and Influenster and
a 3.2-star rating on Makeup Alley. Upon exploring the Makeup Alley reviews further, it
appears users had concerns over the cream's thick texture and smell, which for me aren't
deal-breakers at all as my dry skin loves a dense finish and my nose doesn't mind a good
smell. So, it was a perfect fit for me on that front. And, seriously, can we discuss
the stunning packaging? It's a work of art. The pink and the gold - beautifully done.

I have been using the moisturizer for a few months now and have found a drastic
difference in the skin's ability to retain a hydrated, glowy and plump texture.
Without delving too much into the science behind the cream, it's the combination of
hyaluronic acid, bionymph peptide and camellia oil that make the above possible.
Essentially, it's Charlotte's magic 8 supercharged ingredients that assist in making her
magic cream an award-winning skincare product. It has definitely worked wonders
for me. If you're considering giving it a try, you have my yes. If you have already tried
it or considering to try it, I would love to know your thoughts. Don't forget to share
your reviews with me. Thank you for visiting and see you again soon!


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