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Undeniably, Manjot and I felt there has been no other bigger news in our lives, to date, 
than announcing our pregnancy to family & friends. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. 
After our family & friends, I am most excited to share the big news with my Modish Fam. 
So here it goes - we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a little someone - Baby Grewal!

Manjot has been wishing for a baby ever since we got married. I certainly did as well but
I wasn't too rushed - not as much as Manjot at least. Of course, I wanted to establish myself
as a lawyer before I entered motherhood. We had so much to accomplish. Then, COVID-19
happened and we were so damn ready! It gives me so much joy to experience Manjot's 
happiness with every passing day. Frankly, nothing else compares to his excitement. 



I surprised Manjot with the pregnancy news at the end of December last year & I will 
forever cherish this memory. It was an early morning when I took an at-home pregnancy 
test. Manjot was still in bed. A part of me wanted him to be with me as I didn't quite know 
how I would feel if the test produced negative results. And, a part of me wanted to surprise 
my baby daddy! I chose the latter hoping I was pregnant so Manjot could be surprised. The 
lines confirming pregnancy popped up and I kinda sorta froze. Of course, I had to reread 
the test instructions in an event I misread the result. That was probably the lawyer in me. 
Everything signalled pregnancy and I absolutely couldn't wait a second to tell Manjot. 

I started shouting Manjot's name like a crazy woman. I hugged him & whispered something
along the lines of we're having a baby! His reaction was priceless but like wife like husband.
He initially hugged me tightly. After a few seconds, he grabbed and moved me back just enough 
to see my face and said "show me the results?" LOL. I pointed him to the bathroom where
the test was laying. He rushed into the bathroom, read the instructions, satisfied himself of a 
positive pregnancy and returned to the bedroom to find me dying for a hug from him. What 
followed in that moment was an overflow of emotions and excitement that was unprecedented. 

We were so overwhelmed with the news that we decided to cherish it for a few more days before
announcing it to our families. Also, for two other reasons: to have a doctor confirm the news and
to use the time to plan a special way to reveal the news to our families. Once both of these reasons
were fulfilled, we announced the special news to our families in the first week of the New Year.

Thank you for sharing in on our big news! I will have a lot to write about as the months progress.
Until then, check out some of our favourite images with Baby Grewal making an appearance.


Maninder Sandhu Grewal


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