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Dress: H&M

I am now nearing the end of the second trimester and will be entering into the third trimester
commencing next week. Keeping a track of the beginning and end of each week during the 
first few weeks of my pregnancy was appealing. But, I find that as time progresses, keeping 
a record of the weeks becomes a big blur. Nonetheless, I was sure to mark my calendar with 
important dates such as the end and beginning of a new trimester. This helps Manjot and I stay 
in the know about what to expect with each trimester and the symptoms that accompany it. 

This week Manjot planned a beautiful date for us at the Granville Island. He had planned for a 
patio lunch at the Dockside Restaurant followed by a romantic stroll around the dock. Before
heading for an adventurous trip, Manjot and I decided to shoot a few pictures for the blog (and
for us to reminisce about our first pregnancy for the years to come). I loved the result and of 
course, had to share it with my Modish Fam! Enough about me; I hope you had a spectacular 
month of May and are ready to take on June with eagerness to explore and love to spread.


Maninder Sandhu Grewal

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