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Photos: JaNa Photography

Though I may have had a moment of shock in witnessing the changes that my body is 
undergoing, I have learned to love it all - the stretched-out belly, the excess weight, the 
expanding hips, etc. Sounds like a pretense, right? I promise it is not once you turn your
mind to the positive work that a body does of nurturing a pure little soul inside a belly. 

Manjot and I wanted to capture my transforming body and what better way to do it than
having an award-winning and profesional photography studio take on that task. This is
precisely why we decided to go with the incredible Nasim from Jana Photography

From our initial consultation to our actual photoshoot session in the studio, Nasim & 
her team made us feel welcomed and at ease. Though we signed up for a 1.5 hours 
studio session, Nasim didn't hesitate to go beyond the time to accomodate my desired
 dress changes. She welcomed our thoughts and ideas for photos while providing her 
own expertise and guidance to create the perfect poses. The turnaround time for the 
final photo selection was quick and easy. Overall, we had a remarkable experience 
shooting with Nasim! I highly recommend her for your maternity photo needs.

Now, sharing a few of my favourite photos from our maternity photo diary. Enjoy!

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