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30 June 2021


Dress: Zara (similar in round neck)
Booties: Kurt Geiger (similar in leopard)
Bag: Prada

I have officially stepped into the third trimester of this incredible and beautiful journey! 
It's intriguing to wonder about how life is being developed and sustained inside a human 
body; really makes me turn my mind to a higher creative power. Fascinating, isn't it?!
Let's put a hold on this thought for now because this post is all about maternity fashion! 

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Even before conceiving, I would think of a million reasons to be excited about the state of
being pregnant. One of those reasons was to explore maternity fashion. I mean, can you 
imagine having an excuse to be constantly in comfortable yet stylish clothing? Well, even
if you may not want to, your growing baby bump will demand that you do. I remember 
hitting the last few weeks of the second trimester when my regular-sized clothing refused 
to contain my little one. Quite sure that Manjot hasn't heard me say "I don't have anything 
to wear" as much as he has in the last few months. You would think that a quick solution 
to my newly developed lack of clothing was to visit a few maternity clothing stores and 
stock up on baby bump wear. Nope! Instead, I hit up Zara and H&M to pick up a number 
of dresses in medium and, what has now become my favourite size, large. Now, in the third
trimester, I'm still making use of those dresses as they wrap around my bump effortlessly! 

I have found that you can definitely benefit from getting a few key maternity pieces such 
as trousers and leggings as they come equipped with stretchable over-the-belly panels for 
a more breathable feel than the regular trousers. However, definitely don't shy away from 
purchasing pieces that you regularly would but ensure they're a size or two up (this works 
incredibly well with flowy and swing dresses) to continue accomodating your growing fetus!

I can't quite end this post without briefly touching upon the reason for getting done up. Being 
a woman who loves dressing up on the regular (and sometimes for the sole reason for my blog
so that I can showcase outfits and share tips and tricks), I simply adore getting ready for dates
with Manjot, which was the particular reason for this outfit. He told me he was taking me out
for a 'romantic date night' and asked me to throw on something 'comfortable.'  Of course, my
definition of comfortable includes this stunning dress with just enough drama at the arms and 
an all-over eyelet design. And, pink because it's Manjot's favorite color on me. 

After a music-filled drive, we ended up at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia for dinner at the luscious
Reflections: The Garden Terrace patio restaurant. We stepped into the elevator from the lobby of 
the Rosewood Hotel Georgia which opened its door to a whimsical setting, filled with garden vibes 
and soft lighting. It was exactly what this preggers mama needed for a 1-on-1 with Manjot. Sharing 
only a handful of images of the restaurant setting, which by no means captures the entire beauty. 
We were too hungry and preoccupied enjoying the ambiance and discussing us, so we gave our 
beloved camera some time off as well. Do check out the Reflections restaurant for yourself though!

Lastly, thank you for visiting and I hope to see you back very soon to read more about my journey
as a woman, lawyer and (feels crazy to say it), a soon-to-be parent. Take it easy until then!




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