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(ft. Studio Prive, Ludhiana, Punjab, India)

Lehenga: Studio Prive

How we ended up in India is a crazy story. We have never planned a trip so quick 
though we knew we would end up here once the Covid situation improved a bit. We 
had decided to fly to India a few times in 2021 but continued putting a pin in our plans 
due to the pandemic. Around the end of January 2022, we heard the news of the United
 Kingdom's decision to end all government-mandated restrictions surrounding Covid, 
which would come into effect around the end of February 2022. The news made us feel a 
bit at ease for traveling as we thought it was likely an indication for other countries to 
hopefully do the same. We decided it was finally time to book our tickets for India & here
we are. It has been approximately 7 days of Manjot, Waris & I being here in Punjab, 
India and so far everyone is safe and healthy including my in-laws and our little Waris.

We're here for a very auspicious reason - my sister-in-law's wedding. It's also Waris's 
and my first time visiting Manjot's hometown in Ludhiana, Punjab. A very exciting time,
indeed! As you may or may not be aware, Indian weddings are a week-long affair. This also
 means having as many outfits as there are events. Ideally, we would plan well in advance, 
however, we didn't have the luxury of time since we only decided on the India trip at the 
beginning of February and set the wedding date for the beginning of March due to various 
reasons (weather, family's availability given their work commitments, etc). This meant 
Manjot and I had a few days for outfits and fittings before the wedding festivities began.

Fortunately for us, Wedding Asia had a scheduled exhibition in Ludhiana a few days 
before my sister-in-law's engagement, which was held today. There, I got an opportunity 
to check our Studio Prive, a multi-designer luxury studio that housed some of the most
popular Indian brands. What appealed to me more than the collection was the Managing 
Director, Ms. Sethi, and the Manager, Ms. Mona. They took their time to take me through
the collection and were very inviting and cordial. Since it was an exhibition, they were 
limited in the collection that they could display so we visited their studio the next morning. 

The studio was art in itself which further accentuated the collection that it housed. The staff 
were fully available and welcoming though they gave me the needed opportunity to make 
my selection before they assisted me with fittings. I tried on 4-5 outfits and fell in love with, 
well, most of them. Since it was an engagement, I knew I wanted something that was light 
to wear yet adorned with beautiful embroidery including pearls. So, you could imagine my 
excitement when I found the oh-so-beautiful Lehenga by Osaa, pictured, which I wore to the
engagement. It had everything I was looking for in an outfit - a heavily embroidered top and a 
flared organza Lehenga. Most importantly, Manjot loved it on me as much as I did. Win Win! 

I had so much fun wearing and carrying this unique piece. I highly recommend that you visit
Studio Prive for its unique collection and exceptional service. You won't be disappointed!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found my recommendation helpful. See you soon!


Maninder Sandhu Grewal 

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