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(ft. Idaho, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

Lehenga: Idaho 

With its perfect blend of flirty sleeves, fun colours, and a flowy silhouette, this is the lehenga of 
my dreams. I have to admit I had this lehenga bookmarked a few months ago and came across it 
a few days prior to finalizing the perfect outfit for my sister-in-law's Jaggo night. I had so much 
fun playing around with the accessories for this outfit. The outfit could both be interpreted as soft 
and loud depending on who you ask. For me, the pastel colours and the simplicity of the fabric 
made the lehenga very subtle, thus leaving room for extravagant accessories. Of course, I went 
all out. Since the outfit was for a Jaggo night, the Parandi was a must. An embellished Parandi - 
even better. I purposely selected the necklace laced in kundan & blue beads to bring out the soft 
colour palette of the lehenga. Putting together the bangles was another fun aspect - I loved the 
stacked blue and green bangles with metallic hues, which in my opinion complemented and tied
 together the entire outfit. Oh, and Manjot was all yes for this outfit which is a major plus point. 

Idaho's service, I must take a moment to commend their customer service and responsiveness. 
Idaho was quick to accept, process and ship my order in a number of days. The best feature of 
the outfit, besides its unique overall profile, is that it's made to measure. It was true to the given 
measurements and fit without any issues. Very satisfied with the brand and the selection offered.

Had so much fun dancing and twirling in this outfit. Thank you for visiting. See you again soon!


Maninder Sandhu Grewal

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