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Monday, 5 August 2019


(ft. Maya Sanur, 5* Bali Beachfront Resort)

One-piece: Bikini Lab (similar in Yellow)

Surprisingly, we weren't yet exhausted from all the city hopping we had done in
the past few days: from Naka Island, Phuket to Patong, Phuket to Tanjung Benoa,
Bali we finally headed towards our next destination, Sanur, Bali, which we were
very thrilled to spend at the picturesque Maya Sanur. A contemporary retreat in
every aspect, our 2 nights here were fun and full of the sun, the beach, and a
5 star service!

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One of the features of the Balinese service that stuck with us, besides the impeccable
hospitality, are the welcome drinks. And nooo, I am not talking alcohol. It has to be
a mixture of some revitalizing ingredients strong enough to calm a tired tourist... like
ourselves. So refreshing. Obviously I asked for seconds.. and perhaps also stole
Manjot's. After check-in, we just lounged in the entrance area for a good 30 minutes
to enjoy our yummy drinks while our luggage was being unloaded and placed in our
room. Manjot and I really enjoyed the chilled out and contemporary vibe of the hotel,
so we requested a tour of the resort. We are so glad we did as we had the pleasure of
meeting the lovely Ms. Maria who led the tour and introduced us to some
fun hangout areas.

Deluxe Lagoon Access Room

After a scenic tour, she brought us to the doorstep of our room and we could barely
wait to get in. The door handle clicked and our eyes witnessed a stunning modern
layout mixed with antique wooden touches. A pool right outside our room made
it very easy and quick to go for a quick dip any time of the day.

I absolutely loved the floor to ceiling glass that separated the bathroom from the
bedroom. Two separate sinks and luxurious amenities adorned the bathroom in
addition to a beautiful tub. We had a crystal clear view of the room and the pool
area while standing in the  bathroom. We were in glass heaven! Take a look:

The beautiful bathroom was the product of luxury and comfort. Check it out:

Floating Lunch Experience

What's more relaxing than changing into your bathing suit in the comfort of
your bedroom and stepping outside to find a pool with a floating food tray
filled with delicious sandwiches, and snacks? Quite exciting, right? What an
experience this was! We were so very thankful to the staff for carefully
preparing a vegetarian tray just for us. A variety of food adorned the tray with
presentation that enhanced its appeal. It's time you witness it for yourself:


We dined at Graze, one of the in-house restaurants, during our stay at Maya. The
restaurant is set adjacent to the shoreline of Sanur beach with both indoor and
outdoor seating. The bright green chairs compliment the blue water in the outdoor
area while the white drapery adds to the breezy and romantic vibe of the restaurant.

 We enjoyed everything from ice lattes, fresh orange juice, and coffee with toast,
beans and potatoes in the morning. At dinner time, we indulged in pasta, pizza,
and other healthy salad options with a variety of drinks. No matter the time of
the day, we were always provided with yummy and healthy options. Check it out:


The wellness of guests is another feature that Maya excels in along with excellent
hospitality. During our initial tour of the hotel, we had decided to take advantage of
the spa promotion at that time and booked a 75 minutes Soothing Maya Massage to
take place on our last day. And, boy were we glad! Novi and Luhde relaxed our minds
and bodies using soothing aromatherapy oils and rejuvenating massage techniques.
Both Manjot and I left from the room feeling ready to take on the world! See below:

Overall, we completely indulged in Maya Sanur's contemporary take on luxury
with an environmentally conscious design. Walking hand in hand amidst the hundreds
of beautiful trees that adorned many pathways at the hotel were Manjot's and my
favourite memory along with the chic room, food, and stellar hospitality.
Thank you Maya Sanur!

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