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Friday, 14 August 2020


Top: Femme Luxe Refinery (similar here)
Trouser: Babaton (similar here)
Sandals: Sol Sana (similar here)
Necklace: Gorjana (similar here)

August is full of celebrations: my birthday - which as I grow older and wiser holds 
less meaning than it did in my adolescence - and our wedding anniversary - which 
excites me to date because it's the day Manjot and I officiated our union. The main 
prerequisite, like many other days of celebrations, is a day full of Manjot, irrespective 
of whether there's a scheduled date night planned or not (in case you, my husband, are 
reading this, you better have a date scheduled regardless. I apologize for my mood ;)). 

This year, my birthday was a bit different as it was amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In 
August, the Provincial Health Guidelines had allowed for indoor dining and the rules 
surrounding the lockdown were a bit relaxed. We hadn't visited downtown for a few 

Friday, 17 July 2020


 Dress: The Jetset Diaries (similar here)
Heels: Alexander Wang (similar here)

Most of us are facing uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic: the fear of
contracting the virus, the anxiety surrounding the health and well-being of our loved
ones, the importance of staying mentally healthy amid the lockdown and the list goes
on. On the flip side, the pandemic has presented opportunities that were a luxury in a
fast-paced life: plenty of time to spend with your partner or family or whoever you live
with, developing a hobby or exploring new interests that you didn't have the time to explore, 
focusing on your fitness and mental well-being, etc. The pandemic, like almost everything else 
in life, has both advantages and disadvantages but it's up to us how we decide to interpret it. 

You may (or may not) wonder about the significance of the picture in this blog post. I 
will elaborate anyway. The picture was taken during our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta
outside our hotel suite. It has two elements I love and value - my husband and being among
the god-built landscape including the larger than life mountains and the lush green forest. 
Now, let me tell you a little story about what COVID-19 has taught me and how, with the
lesson, I reconnected with nature and my dear Manjot. 

Friday, 12 June 2020


Dress: Pretty Little Thing (similar here)
Heels: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Prada
Necklace: Various

The excitement of a spontaneous road trip is something else: imagine getting up 
and yelling, “Road Trip!” and then hopping in a car with your partner and friends 
to explore an unknown part of an area. Fun! Unfortunately, getting on the road and 
having a fun, comfortable and stress-free road trip isn’t as easy as yelling “shotgun,” 
and stopping to grab some worthy snacks on the way. It takes a bit more than that.

To get the most out of your either spontaneous trip or well-planned adventure, it's
usually a good call for brainstorming some easy tips to ensure your drive results 
in an enjoyable experience for you and everyone else in the car. Below are such 
helpful tips which have guided our previous road trips and many more to come:


Keeping your car clean before and during your trip is the key. If you clean up 
before your trip, cleaning during your trip will be even easier because you’ll be 
able to visualize the mess and get rid of it. Keep two bags in your car: one for

Monday, 20 April 2020


Dress: Pretty Little Thing (similar here)
Heels: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Prada
Necklace: Various

It's always refreshing to take the time to reflect and engage in self-realization, isn't it?
I call it a substantial part of self-growth. I am also not letting the COVID-19 pandemic
affect me negatively. Of course, many factors are outside my control and inevitable,
but the beauty is taking something negative and turning it into a point of attraction.
Take my profession as a lawyer, for example. My job has certainly been affected due
to the pandemic. But, a huge advantage of that has been the considerable amount of
time I now have to enjoy with my dear husband, Manjot. We have been using this time
to explore many beautiful parks in the neighbourhood, going on long walks to take in
all that nature has to offer, playing board games with our family - while being in the
same household, of course. I am thankful and grateful for all of this.

I hope you too have been using this opportunity to connect more with your loved ones
or whatever your other priorities are. I hope that you're doing the best you can.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Experimenting with and documenting my observations about skincare has become one of
my favourite subjects to blog about. If you haven't already, check out my previous post 
here about a potent tool created by MDNA skincare to sculpt and contour areas of our
face and body including jaw, cheekbones, thighs and arms. Today, I want to briefly
discuss one of the most important steps of my skincare routine,  moisturizing.

The routine was ingrained in me by my mother dear from quite a young age. From as
far as I can remember, no day would be complete without my mom slathering my
face with baby moisturizer. My skin is now so accustomed to having hydration in it
that moisturizing has now become a daily habit regardless of what day of the week
it is. So, a big thank you mama!

Saturday, 29 February 2020


If you are one of those who have developed a skincare regime from a young age, 
you deserve a pat on your back. Then, there are some of us for whom it isn't until 
noticing an unrelenting wrinkle that we start thinking about initiating a routine.
Determining when to commence incorporating products and ingredients that 
work to delay ageing or even products that keep your skin looking healthy 
and glowing isn't always an easy task. Discussing your skincare needs and 
patterns with a dermatologist is usually a good starting point. 

While I am no expert in the needs of the skin, I can certainly speak from 
experience and recommend this potent tool, The Beauty Roller by Madonna


Friday, 31 January 2020


Friday | January 31, 2020

Cream Turtleneck: Femme Luxe Refinery
Cream Midi Skirt: Femme Luxe Refinery
Faux Fur Coat: Zara (similar under $90)
Booties: Tony Bianco (similar here under $60)
Bag: Alexander Wang
Earrings: Linjer - Kirsten Pearl Huggies

Winter months are so much fun to dress for. Wouldn't you agree?
Of course, it involves a bit more effort in planning an outfit in the colder
days as opposed to picking an outfit for a crisp summer day. But, the
cozy knits, the warm faux fur coats hugging your body and the comfy
socks hiding inside the boots makes bearing the cold a lot easier.

I have previously blogged about the effortlessness of an all-white ensemble
a few months ago. When I saw these beautiful, Femme Luxe Refinery's rich 
knit co-ordinates, I knew I needed them in my wardrobe. And, of course,
it had to be in cream :p
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